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Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
14in dye ultralite barrel
new designz metal backcap (got it)
new designz clamping feedneck
hybrid quarter turn bleeder on off
new designz asa with guage port
boblong mini guage
dye ultralite frame
tadao M7 board (got virtue)
virtue laser eyes (there on the way)
techt L7 bolt (orange bolt is on the way)
new designz spring detents
hater sauce (a must) ( had this since it first came out)
Pulse loader (old sckool halo b)
pulse rf chip
dxs 68/45 tank

thats a good setup.
its almost sorta like mine
Clear/black Dm9
Black 06 Proto Matrix Rail
-ul frame and Virtue eyes, 14" dye ul barrel
Green Halo B w/ rip Drive
-b2 board, virtue crown ultra soft
68/4500 pure energy tank
- dye rhino cover
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