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My 3 Spyders

1.AMG Classic
14" Dye Titanium Boomstick
CiP Assault block
Mac Dev Gladiator reg
Dye 750 psi mini gauge
Hybrid Hedlok 2, lever clamp feedneck
Bandit LP Bolt
DH Titanium Striker
32* spring kit
Custom highflow valve
Custom, low profile eye covers
CP rail drop
Dye Sticky 3 grip
Apocalypse Thrasher trigger
50g switch
T-board w/ upgrade chip
breakbeam eyes
Kila V2 magnetic ball detent
Shimmed solenoid
Lightened body
CiP Dragon Snatch grip.
Halo B
Crossfire 70/4500 peanut tank
Dye tank cover


2. E99 Avant
14" WWA Veritas Barrel(not pictured)
Bandit Nylon Bolt (swelled and sanded)
32* Spring Kit
Madman Rocket Valve
CiP 15* Assault Block
CiP Speedy drop forward
Dye Sticky grip
CiP Sweet Spot Trigger (shimmed)
50g switch (flipped)
CiP Spyder to Impulse feed port adapter
CiP Surefit Impulse Low rise feedneck
Palmers Fatty Low pressure Regulator
Palmers 600 psi gauge
Dust black Beavertail
Killa adjustable ball detent

Tuned for ultra low pressure(200psi), perfect for cold weather CO2 play, but bad on efficency.

3. EM1

CP 2 piece barrel
Trinity lever clamp feedneck.
WGP grip.
Other than that pretty much stock.

Hosslandia Warriors
Some of my markers:
Other guns

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