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Only things that I would add are that I would personally recommend using an anti-syphon tube if you use a horizontally mounted bottle. I'm not recommending it as an improvement to the set up, I'm recommending it, period. WGP themselves state in the Autococker manual that horizontally mounted bottles should be equipped with anti-syphon tubes.

In relation to remote lines, remember that, while people state that a remote line acts like a long thin expansion chamber, this plays only a minor role in how the remote line keeps liquid CO2 out of your marker. Once that hose starts to chill down and frost over, it won't be helping much. The thing that really blocks the liquid is the fact that the bottle is mounted vertically, so the liquid CO2 is in the bottom of the bottle and the valve at the top. It's just gravity doing what gravity does best. The liquid CO2 can't jump up to the valve.

However, this does mean that you should avoid firing too much when crawling or laying down, as your bottle ends up horizontal (give or take), and if the bottle is more or less full, this could lead to liquid CO2 actually being pushed in to your marker by the gas pressure in the bottle.

As long as you keep liquid CO2 out of your mech Autococker, it will run just fine, and with the dual regulated set up Mec suggests, you can get levels of consistency approximating that which you would expect from an air system..... At least until the bottle freezes solid!
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