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i don't know i honestly don't like the evo. i'm one of the people who dislikes the shape and the feedoor. i should say right now that i do not in fact own one but just watching tournaments (i just finished watching Heroes for a Day) it seems like every time a player starts his move of the break the door opens and he looses half his paint on his slide. Moreover, i don't like the shape and the location of the feedneck because it creates an offweighted center of gravity so unless you have the feedneck clamped down really tight odds are you'll still end up with it turning around on you after a fast slide.
as i said, this is just from what i've seen, not from personal experience so if someone has evidence against this feel free to correct me (you would do it even if i asked not too ).
Man i'm lagging like a fat kid in a mile run...
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