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I am the brother of Atomsk, part of his story he says i took out the leader and body guards, this isn't true he was trying to give me more credit then i deserve. i am our "sniper", my gun is a stock class pump, phantom as you see in my avatar

In the game he mentioned, it was a 4 event game that went 10 hours, my final kill-to-death ration was 52 kills, 3 deaths. keep in mind there was a respawn every 15 minutes, each game was a little over 2 hours and there was 150 vs 150(americans vs germans), so for a 10 hour day, dieng 3 times was all most nothing.

But going to sniping, in the first post, it claims that scopes, sights and rails do not work on paintball guns, i completley disagree, i had played with a phantom for over 4 years and the first 3 years i didnt have a scope, red dot, or any sight rail. on my fourth year i bought a cci phantom ghost ring and the thing is amazing, i used to miss some shots, because my gun shot accurate, but me as a person wouldn't like up the shot right, now with a basic circle with a point to line the shot up i rarely ever miss a shot.

I've played for 8 years, and learned a lot along the way, and 1 thing i know, is that there is a paintball sniper. a sniper doesn't wear a ghillie suit, or have an 18X zoom scope, a sniper goes out and shoots 100 shots and hits 90 people, that is the most intelligent way i have heard it put

every 1 should use concealment, but not every 1 uses stealth, youcan hide behind a tree and conceal yourself but once you've been found a person who is not a sniper will usually become jumpy and end up trying to shoot there way out with firepower, and firepower is never a replacement for skill. when i get shot at i will either not fire back untill i can snap and see my target and when i find them i use stealth to move and get an angle, and when the enemy is shooting at a tree they think i am at i pop out for less than 1 second and leave a splatter right across there goggles and they have no idea i even moved.

a sniper does not need a flatline of a barrel with more distance to snipe, a sniper needs wit to know when to shoot and when to hold there fire, as a pump player, i usually am 1 of the more dominent players at every field i go to and every 1 thinks, why do you use a pump, you'll just get owned in a firefight, and when they leave these games they think that my gun is more accurate and shoots further, when in reality pump players and snipers aren't all ways more accurate guns, they are more accurate people that shoot only when they know they have a shot and know how to use there gun so well, that people assume that they have more accurate guns because every time they shoot they get some one out.

a sniper will retreat, not because they are scared to fight, but to suck the enemy in and get them when they least expect it, a sniper will get charged and the rusher will think they will succesfully bunker the sniper, because they think more firepower will win, and then half way to the bunker they'll see a half a second glimpse of my all black vents and walk to the dead box in shame underestimating the sniper, the power of the sniper comes in the tactics and execution, not the gun they buy called the spyder sniper pack with a scope

My thought on some parts of the first post, silencers are very very effective, and i won't talk about them any further then that because i don't know this forums rules at all,scopes are basically useless, i agree there, but sight rails are a great way to line up a shot, snipers don't need flatlines, i agree, they just need to know how to judge the arc of the ball and wind to hit a target from a greater distance, i think ghillie suits are very "wannabe" sniper, personally i allways wear all black, you may think this doesnt work, but in science, we did an experiment with camo, digi camo, ghillie, and black... and the human eye visually picks up on movement, and ghillies move and the colors cause irregularity causing them to be useless within 150 feet (usually the farthest apart you'll be able to hit on a paintball field) but they use this in the militairy because they can be half miles away from an infantry while sniping, but also in science we found digital camo was more effective than image camo, and black was suprisingly the most effective of them all, and hitting on 21 inch barrels, with 270-300 fps markers, 14 inches is the longest the barrel can be without slowingdown the ball, my science teacher plays paintball and he did all the formulas and all that and he proved this to be true

and just back to me, 8 out of every 10 of my kills, come from head shots and goggle shots, and when people i play with say there is no such thing as a sniper i go on the other team and leave them with a big orange spot on there goggles and a whole new out look on the existance of snipers
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