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yeah seriously my bad, I forgot to log off my bro's account, so he didn't double post I did by mistake.

Anyways, my bro may have came off as arrogant, but he is the real deal. When he said he goggs most people he shoots this is no joke, he really does. He defended a position from like 30 guys charging down Mount Serabachi in the 4-pack event at Battlefront, 15-20 of the guys went off with mask shots. I'm surprised people don't get pissed, because hen ruins goggles every round lol. He even managed to gog me "once" keyword "once". So don't think he's just blowin smoke, he wouldn't be the team sniper if he was. After all, as the teams leader, I turn to him when I need to go inside a snipers mind to find out where enemy snipers may try and infiltrate.
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