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Originally Posted by Nuclee369 View Post
at the distances we tested even when it blows, the ghillie is generally ineffective, mainly because when the wind blows threw the ghillie from a close range you can see faulty parts of the ghillie, and then find the mask of the person wearing it, they can be effective if made to perfection, and even if they have no bad spots, and have a well covered mask... is any one willing to stay in 1 spot the whole entire game, because i know if i see some one running around with a fat *** ghillie dangling i'll remember were they lay down, and there laying down... so if they are spotted in firing range they are completley screwed 95% of the time, unless the person doing this is a completley terrible shot, or if there not laying down, then you have a bush standing 5 feet high with the outline of a person... and as if thats not obvious, and kneeling down may leave a ok visual but when you go to shoot, your ghillie would shake around alot when you pop back in and out of your bunker, and unlike wearing all black, with a ghillie you have a lot of dangling material swaying around after you snap shoot, were as for me i pop in and out and the only person who can see me only sees me for 1 second max, and i have a silencer that works pretty effective, so there is usually no sound or view of me from any one else on the other team has any idea of were i am aside from there teammate walking out with there hands up and a nice spot on there lense...
Wehn I play scneraio with my fire team, My lens is camoflaged and i wear a ghillie that goes to my thighs. (I traded for it from a scout sniper in a recon sta platoon, its no cheap piece of crap.) I'm not a sniper, Im teh heavy rifleman/suppressive fire assaultman, and while yes, my ghillie is military grade, in the fields of florida it is highly effective even at close range. I usually go prone and move in between calls for fire.

Ghillie suits are not really mean for vertical stalk, even if they sell them. They are meant for slow movement across terrain. Not meant for quick pickup games but for scenario, IMHFO.
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