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my bro isn't trying to start a flame war, he's just saying a guille suit isn't going to make you invisible, because when you run, like most of us do, you give away your position. Another thing is, you said black is terrible for stealth, but we can never find him, when your wearing all black you can lay in a shadow and be undetected. He wears a hoodie so until he aims you can't even see him if the shadow is dark enough. You do have a point though, in the everglades tall-grass I'd probably not see you even if I stepped on you, you're right. I'm just saying at some fields that don't have tall-grass I've seen what we jokingly call "crawling bushes" these are the people I'm talking about, Its a mass of leafs moving, how obvious is that. Anyways we usually just laugh and shoot at them, effectively turning there guille into a "christmas bush". You also said aren't silencers illegal, maybe, I could ask my cousin he's a police officer in my area. If they are we will remove it, but I doubt they care anyways. Lastly yes it does sound like he's just snap-shooting mainly because he is. Just because he's our team's "sniper" doesn't mean he's outside other peoples range, it just means "most of the time" he hits many people from a concealed position and gets away unnoticed and untouched. However this doesn't mean "Always" Of course he gets spotted every once and a while, he's not perfect. Yet when he does get into this situation he maintains his mindset "accuracy over fire-power" So to answer your question yes he does snap-shoot when we play speedball, or small-field rec-ball, but when we are at a big field like battlefront, he uses the size of the field to maneuever stealthily into enemy territory and confuse the other team. This is what makes him a sniper.

A funny thing happened one time, even at our small home-town "outlaw ball" field (We don't have a chrono, but we can tell when someones hot) Well anyways onto my story, it was not my brightest moment, as my bro made me look like a tactical moron. We were walking through the woods spread out looking for the last person on there team, my bro. We spread out to find him easier, and make it harder for him to hit all three of us fast. One of my team members started shooting at our other team member (at least it looked this way from my angle) I told him to stop shooting at him, he said he was shooting where brett was, then the team member I thought he was shooting at walked off the field, gun raised. I assumed my team mate shot him, so I shot him myself. (I didn't know the kid that well, it was nuclee's friend) Then I got hit in the chest, thus ending the game. It turns out, he really was shooting into the meadow, but didn't know where nuclee was. So what really happened was this. Mr. D, got shot by brett, I shot my own teammate, thinking he was some sort of spy, and brett shot me, not exactly my brightest moment. As we walked to the dead-box I looked to see brett rise up out of the tall-grass in the meadow, in a spot I would have never guessed. (what a surprise) Now you can call me an idiot, noob, moron whatever you want, but realize we sometimes have spy's in our games at our field. The end point is, whether he meant to cause this confusion or not, it was certainly sniper-esque.

A. He caused chaos and confusion in the ranks.
B. We had no clue where he was.
c. He eliminated a whole squad before being located, and was only located because the game had ended.

Now you can say he's just a good shot, or anybody could have done that, but I disagree. By shooting only one shot at the first team mate, and having my other team-mate spraying and praying, he effectively caused confusion in the ranks, I then shot my own teammate thinking he was the spy made my brother's job even easier. He effectively eliminated three players with two shots, that sounds like a sniper to me.
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