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i guess you could qualify that as an ambush, but the fact was this was not me showcasing the shots i can do in longballs, i will point out this was me about 110 feet out into the meadow, the person i shot "mr.d" was from 110 feet, and i was in the meadow, he was in the start of the woods, and i shot 1 ball, none of the 3 knew were i was, atomsk saw "nuclee's friend" aimed at the person i had just shot out, thinking he was a spy he ended up yelling to him why did you shoot "mr. d" , he didnt, it was because i was about 210 feet out from him and i was in very good cover, a shady part of a meadow, in the 1 trees shade in a bush, allmost impossible to see from 35 feet, he was 210... and 1 of his players just walked off, and "nuclees friend" was aimed at "mr.d" who i had shot, he thought that "nuclee's friend" was a spy, and he shot him quick recap before i finish the story

Nuclee369/Brett(me)-->Kills Mr.D (110 feet)
Nuclee's Friend---> aims at mr.d's area (40 feet)
Atomsk---> Kills Nuclee's friend (35 feet)
Nuclee369/Brett-->Kills atomsk (210 feet)

keep in mind the range is in different directions and angles, and they are farely accurate (i admire my shots, and recognize distance in easy ones), so the sniper part was, all 3 of the enemy's died 1 way or another, i was 110 feet from the closest person, and none of the 3 had any idea at all were i was. and the thing is i can hit around 260 feet to 300 feet at my maximum and these shots were farely common easy shots for me, because i know my gun very well, and practise aiming and shooting certain distances alot, i have played 8 years and for about 7 of them i practised shooting accuratley with my gun set the way for me, so an easy shot from 210 feet from me to atomsk, is an allmost impossible shot for him with out having that same sort of long ball and accuracy with my gun from years training... i am not trying to flame, just clarifying the situation
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