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Information on the Infinity Legend

This was posted by unseen187 on PBN. anything in Red reflects changes I have made to make sure the information is correct.I will continue to make changes as needed. This was posted around the time they began taking preorders on the Legend.

Ok, I am seeing threads from people asking all different types of questions about the Legend. I am here to clear up some of the facts.

All facts have been confirmed.

Price: $750

Gun accepts cocker threaded barrels

Comes stock with: WAS board, Laser Eyes, Derlin Bolt, ect..

Release Date: Released

Pre-Order: Tomorrow(Saturday) and Sunday pre-orders will be accepted.

What about those grips? Infinity will be designing new grips prior to the release.

CP Reg? Well the Legend won't be coming with that CP reg that you see in all the pictures, I was told that Infinity will be making their own type of reg. CORRECTION: The Infinity Legend DOES come with a CP reg

It won't be coming with the Proto barrel pictured, it will be coming with a Infinity barrel.

How does it shoot?

Well today I got to shoot the new Legend by Infinity. It is a great overall gun from what I saw. First off, its very light, just like an EGO. Its also very small. The gun just feels so perfect in your hands while you're shooting it. It shoots like no other gun i've shot. It is very fast, and very accurate. I got to shoot about 2 hoppers of reballs, and those hoppers emptyed fast. Kick? What kick? This gun had little, if any noticable kick! It was amazing. I am definatly going to be picking up one, aswell as putting my name down on the pre-order sheet. And if your in Huntington Beach for NPPL right now, you should go check it out!

I will be updating info as soon as I learn it.

Hope this helps answer peoples question's about this marker. Please don't flame.

Here are some pics I took, I will be taking pictures of the silver and red markers tomorrow.

Sorry for the quality I had to resize them.

This next bit was posted by deadlymystery on PBN.

Originally Posted by deadlymystery View Post
Well I was just browsing around and realized that there is no Legend I thought I'd make one

Infinity Legend FAQ:

How much does the Legend cost?

HK Legend-$950
LE Legend-$850

Where can I get the Legend other than directly from Infinity?

Action Village, NIB forum on PbN, and quite a few other sites on the net.

What board is in the Legend?

WAS V1 or V2

What firing modes are on the board?


What settings can you adjust on the board?

Dwell, debounce, eye mode, BIP delay, ROF, eye power, and firing mode.

How efficient and consistent is it?

It comes stock with a CP reg so you can expect great consistency from it and most Legends are VERY efficient. Most people get 1500+ of a 68/4500 psi fill.

Do HP tanks or LP tanks work better with the Legend?

They both work fine.

How does the Legend work?

Since the Legend has a spring returned ram does it have a lot of kick?

There is a minimal amount of kick. There is really not that much kick and it isn't noticable in a game.

What's the difference between the HK Legends, LE Legends, and normal Legends?

The HK is milled differently and the LE Legends have a different anno...besides that they are all the same.

How is the barrel?

The barrel is identical to the Proto 1-piece barrel and overall it is pretty good. Most Legend owners end up getting a new barrel though.

How much does it weigh?

I do not know the exact weight but it is a little lighter and an 06 Ego.

How is the maintenance?

The Legend is a very simple gun and is extremely easy to clean. All you do is take out the ram and lube 1 o-ring.

Are any upgrades available for the Legend?

If you are buying a Legend BNIB then no because Infinity would have already put the upgraded grips, ram, bolt pin, and V2 board in it. If you have a used Legend and would like these upgrades send your gun into Infinity with $40 and your stock ram and bolt pin to get all of these upgrades.
Ram and Bolt pin-$20
V2 board upgrade-FREE
That is all the upgrades that are available at the moment for the Legend. There is a lot of talk about a possible Hater board and maybe a Lucky board.

That's all I have at the moment...I will update it as soon as I get more info. If you have more info let me know and I'll add it.
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