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Seen a few people looking for a vforce mod.

I have attached what I think is the nicest way to place these into a V-force Shield.
One pushes air in and one pushes air out. I'm thinking of sealing off the top vents of the mask so I get great air current from one to the other.

I'm in progress they aren't wired yet. Still researching the best method for running these guys. 2 9volt or 1 9volt? series or parallel?

I ordered from BGmicro the 1" fans (5) though and a mini switch (2) and a 9 volt connector (2) cost was like 13.38 total. Can't beat that when Radio Shack wanted like $14 for a 1 9/16" fan. I did get a project enclosure that I will glue on some velcro that I will attach to my strap and also place the on/off switch into.
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