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Periloux is suspended from the team currently for some legal issues, and besides he is the back up to matt flynn this year (and all one has to do is watch his performance in the peach bowl against miami to see how good he is). And the whole sec needs to thank pete carrol for getting joe mcknight and keeping him from going to lsu. Besides the fact that pre-season rankings have lsu #2 in the nation, I think it will be the bayou bengals against the gators or vols in the championship game. It just weirds me out that our first home game is against VT i.e. I'll feel rather bad chanting tiger bait and screaming profanities at their fans. And saban better thank his lucky stars that the ncaa cant prove for sure that he broke recruiting rules, which would have landed them right back on probation. Not to mention his track record isn't great for his first year with teams. Its not bad its just not conference championship good.

(I cant find any solid evidence for the ranking but I did hear it on the radio a few days ago and it has been confirmed by others when I've brought it up during conversation)

Yeah, so Saban broke the rules when he supposedly told a player that he is a big physical linebacker and asked another if his heart was in Miami, but Pete Carrol did not with Bush etc..

Even if Saban's words broke the rules, nothing would have happened. I would look at your own program and worry about what will happen there. For I can tell you, you are not scot clean. Wait until the battle for SW Alabama gets heated and Miles starts to feel the heat. LSU will be on probation in 5 years.

In addition, the reason that Saban has not had good luck his first year was because he had to build a team. MSU, LSU, etc.. sucked before he got there, he built there franchise. Bama right now is a built team with only a few gaps to fill. If Alabama had a decent coach last year, we would have made it to the SEC championship. Given how close the games were between Tenn, LSU, Auburn, and Florida, I would even guess that we would have won those games if Shula knew anything other then Darby up the middle, and if he could have scored at least once in the red zone.
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