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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
Just a hater. Saban has not done anything any other coach has not done, the only difference is ESPN covers him different. Look at the difference in the coverage between Saban and Donovan before Don came back.

AS far as the other comments, Tebow is an overrated moma's boy. He will crumble like most other good high school quarterbacks.
I don't recall Donovan saying " I have no interest in being the coach for the Orlando Magic."

On the other hand, he broke a signed contract.

Nick Saban is hated cuz he bolted from LSU, and then bolted for Miami. He follows the money. Donovan gave up 2.5 million a year to be a Gator. My only regret is that he broke his word with the Orlando Magic. I'll get over it, and so will the rest of the Gator Nation.

Your other statement is so ludicrous I won't bother replying. Tebow could kick Chuck Norris's ***. YEAH, I SAID IT.

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