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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
For I can tell you, you are not scot clean. Wait until the battle for SW Alabama gets heated and Miles starts to feel the heat. LSU will be on probation in 5 years.
Please if you can point out any allegations be they fake or real showing Les to be having any problems with recruiting violations now or in the future. And I'm well aware of the problems in our program right now but most of them involve players who are already on the team and they have been dealt with as far as I know by either being kicked off the team or suspended.

Sorry if I seem to be going over board but as you probably well know the relationship between Bama fans and LSU fans isn't exactly a great one. And the way Saban left during my freshmen year left me with a rather bad view of his character. He only again prooved it with his dealings with Miami.

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