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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
I don't recall Donovan saying " I have no interest in being the coach for the Orlando Magic."

On the other hand, he broke a signed contract.

Nick Saban is hated cuz he bolted from LSU, and then bolted for Miami. He follows the money. Donovan gave up 2.5 million a year to be a Gator. My only regret is that he broke his word with the Orlando Magic. I'll get over it, and so will the rest of the Gator Nation.

Your other statement is so ludicrous I won't bother replying. Tebow could kick Chuck Norris's ***. YEAH, I SAID IT.

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He said, "I will not leave Florida, my heart is in the college game blah blah blah."

You know what is funny, if Saban would have followed the money, he would have stayed in Miami for he was being paid far more there then Alabama would have paid him, something the Dolphins owner even said himself.

Have you ever left a job?


To tell you the truth, the only animosity is on your side, the majority of Tide fans could care less about LSU and only think of the school when it comes time to party.

What I find funny is that when I went to LSU for the game last season, LSU fans were in love with Saban, they even cried for Miles to be fired so that their "savior" could come back and bring LSU to another BCS championship. Now all of sudden they hate it. I have to believe you all are made not that he left, but that he went to another college team other then LSU.
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