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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
What I find funny is that when I went to LSU for the game last season, LSU fans were in love with Saban, they even cried for Miles to be fired so that their "savior" could come back and bring LSU to another BCS championship. Now all of sudden they hate it. I have to believe you all are made not that he left, but that he went to another college team other then LSU.
Actually, I can't think of another college football fanbase that wouldn't be upset at going from a National Championship to a 3 loss season with an equally talented team. Les Miles got everything together the next year but yea, the first year was rough because we expected so much.

Nobody wants saban back. After he left we didn't want him back. Yes, it is kind of a slap in the face that he left to go to Miami and then after bailing on them he goes to one of his old rivals. Thats just life though. When LSU beats the tar out of Bama this year it will all be settled.
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