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Originally Posted by pantzaroff16 View Post
Actually, I can't think of another college football fanbase that wouldn't be upset at going from a National Championship to a 3 loss season with an equally talented team. Les Miles got everything together the next year but yea, the first year was rough because we expected so much.

Nobody wants saban back. After he left we didn't want him back. Yes, it is kind of a slap in the face that he left to go to Miami and then after bailing on them he goes to one of his old rivals. Thats just life though. When LSU beats the tar out of Bama this year it will all be settled.
Not to mention the whole hurricane thing his first year here. I would say a 11-2 season with that mess going on isnt half bad.

Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
The majority of the LSU fans that I talked too at the game and more then ten signs that I read tailgating would disagree with you.

Is the LSU Bama game a rivalry game, I had no idea. I mean when you dominate a team for so many years it seems just like another homecoming game. That is it, maybe we should make the LSU game our homecoming game.

I swear, sometimes it seems that LSU fans are almost jealous.
So by dominate are you reffering to how in this century LSU is 6-1 vs. Bama as domination? Because frankly only beating a team once in the past seven years isnt domination. Yes the over all record is horrendous I agree with you there but I doubt we are homecoming material for you guys just like the University of Houston is this year right? (and I'm well aware our homecoming game isnt exactly a rough one, but I think its unfair to say LSU should be a homecoming game. Especially since you havent beat us since 2002 which just so happens to be Mr. Saban's third season with ye ole Bayou Bengals). And we arent jealous we just have a ton of pride and passion when it comes to football.

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