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Originally Posted by pantzaroff16 View Post
So, CollegeBoy, are you saying that if a team was good in the past it makes up for the lack of success in the present?

Seriously, how can you tell if we are jealous or full of pride through text on a computer screen? Also, what could we possibly be jealous of? You have a good coach that will likely leave within 5 years for a big contract? Or that you aren't the best team in your state much less the conference? On those notes, yes we are very jealous.

On a side note I almost went play football for Auburn, but out of state tuition fees are comparable with Tulane and I can't ask my parents to give that much.
Nope, not saying that at all. I said that to look at how a team does against another team you have to look at the entire pie not just a little piece of it.

I do not remember saying that you in particular are jealous, I said that LSU fans in general seem to be acting very jealous because they believed their savior was coming back to LSU.

Maybe you should go to Auburn, I here their Sociology department is tough.


College football is all about tradition.

No longer relevant, HA, you will soon find out.

Oh yeah, that cow college, they will soon find out where their place is.
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