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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
Nope, not saying that at all. I said that to look at how a team does against another team you have to look at the entire pie not just a little piece of it.

I do not remember saying that you in particular are jealous, I said that LSU fans in general seem to be acting very jealous because they believed their savior was coming back to LSU.

Maybe you should go to Auburn, I here their Sociology department is tough.


College football is all about tradition.

No longer relevant, HA, you will soon find out.

Oh yeah, that cow college, they will soon find out where their place is.
Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
Again, you do not understand Bama football.
So we have to look at the whole pie because all the old players and talent are still active on the roster just waiting to get in the game? Tell me how many schools in the SEC that are among the top in the nation DON'T have tradition.

No LSU fans expected Saban back. When he left Miami we were offended that his college of choice was Alabama, but hey I guess he'll fit in while the money's good enough.

We don't understand Bama Football? You don't understand the SEC. Nobody gives a rat's *** about what you did the last 50 years. Nobody cares much past the previous year and that still doesnt mean anything on the field. Maybe you could explain this secretive meaning to "Bama football"?
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The solution is simple: kill yourselves.
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