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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
Then by that statement how is he not the saviour of Bama football. Like 43k people came to your spring game this year!

You are not a typical Bama fan, except that you think a Coach can turn a program from the bottom of the conference to an SEC championship in a season.

Didn't Mississippi State, perennial SEC bottom dweller, beat y'all last year?

Did you not read what I wrote? He is not the savior because our team has always been good, we have just had bad coaching in clutch moments. lackluster conditioning, and have been on probation. (Thank you NCAA for not punishing the other schools involved)

I do not think that one coach can turn a program around, I think that a change in attitudes and the fact that we are not on probation can turn a program around.


I true college football fan looks at the whole pie, posers look year to year. No team can be good every year (well unless you cheat yes I am talking about you USC), you have you ups and your downs, because of that if you look from year to year you will not get the whole picture.

Auburn, LSU, Florida, maybe Tennessee and Georgia, though I am not sure about the last two, does not have a rich tradition

Every LSU fan that sat around me at the game expected Saban back, and a lot of the signs that I read asked Saban to come back. Do no deny the truth.

Again, if Saban was in it for the money he would have stayed at Miami for he was being paid ALOT more there.
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