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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
First of all, being in the bottom half of the SEC does not count as good in my book.

About that other statement. That's not even English. But in the SEC, the premier conference in college football, it's all about what you are doing, not what you did last year. The SEC is carnivorous, literally the idea of "any given Sunday" springing to life, except only on Saturdays.

It's all about "what have you done lately." Smack for wins expires as soon as the next season begins. 11 more weeks.
Good teams lose, especially when you have a terrible coach that can not call plays under pressure, which explains our close loses.

You be able to tell that the second sentence was a typo, I = A.

I am sorry, but no team can win all the time, that is why what you have done in your history matters.
You fight an enemy according to their weaknesses, not according to your strengths.

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