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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
A loss is a loss. ask USC.

And someone should tell Pete Carroll you can't win all the time. I rather enjoyed when Texas took them apart in the fourth quarter year before last.
Like I said, a lose is a lose but a lose does not make you a bad team. Well when you buy your players in one way or the other, you can keep getting good players. Oh throw in there the lack of willingness of the NCAA to investigate. If that crap would have went on at Bama we would have already been handed the death penalty.

There is another reason USC has been good for the past 5 or so years, they have no really played anyone. The PAC 10 is not a good conference.

But like I said, teams have runs of good and bad luck, USC is having good luck now, sooner or later their luck will run out.

Does Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss State, and South Carolina have a football team?

I was asked about good teams in the SEC, thusly I only responded with what I thought were good teams. You might want to read first, it will save you from making a fool of yourself.

Ignorant? Sorry, everything that I have said has been the truth. I am sorry if you can not handle the truth. That is not my problem.

But just to let you know, to prove that I am ignorant, you must prove that I am wrong.

I am awaiting your post.
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