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Originally Posted by pantzaroff16 View Post
Oh, sir, you've been proven wrong several times. The majority of your statements have been opinions that are weakly based when you think of the person spewing the bull.

I made a fool of myself? I'm sorry I can't comprehend your poorly thought out sentence structure. That must be acceptable at Bama. I know Louisiana standards are low and all but as common courtesy I'll ask that you abide by atLEAST those. Please, for all of us enjoying your posts...

And have you looked at who all is agreeing with you? Oh.. thats right the only person can be found in the mirror.

Its great when you say tradition>actual talent and performance. How about we design a new bowl system and as a new ranking factor we have TRADITION mixed in there...since its so important and all.

The funniest part was when you tried to act like an internet tough guy saying we can't handle the truth.

I might have some typos, but my sentence structure is good enough that any fifth grader could understand what I am saying. If you have trouble, then I advise you to go back to the fourth grade.

What I find funny is that my response to tradition was for a question that you asked, and yet you still got it wrong.

"Tell me how many schools in the SEC that are among the top in the nation DON'T have tradition."

Clearly Ole Miss, Vandy, Kentucky, Miss State, and South Carolina are not in the top in the nation.

As far as the proven wrong notion, could you please show me where you have proved my wrong.

I am the only Bama fan in this debate, so it would of course stand to reason that I am by myself. Just like you would be by yourself if you said that LSU would beat Florida (if in fact they play, I have no idea)

About the tradition part. Again you show that you do not know how to read. NOWHERE did I say that tradition is greater then skill. I said that one who is a true follower of college football has to look at the whole pie, not just a piece of it.
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