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well-said, though I must ask, doesn't every paintball player do that? I mean I don't consider myself a paintball sniper due to my style of using shock and awe with lots of fire-power. However I do relay intel back to my team, That seems more like a special forces player to me.
o be honest no. Most of the so called snipers I see at Big games, run around in "Purchased" Ghillie Suits I would not pick up dog crap out of a yard in. A Ghillie suit should be home made. Also like I said, They run out, Hide and see how many kills they rack up, Hence, Hunter/Marksman. A Sniper is like a Medic in the sence that it is a SUPPORT class. A medic heals, a Sniper gets out, and dirty and gathers intel,

(IE) how many of the other team are moving out the right side and what exact location's, does he see an ambush forming at bunkers, does he have "orders" to slip around the back of the base and watch and see what the defence is doing, Then getting on a radio or meeting up a force that is a way's behind him to tell them this information. Then wait and watch to reinforce/flank with the main unit.

Say prehaps that they did an overload strong offence and took out most of your sides units on your main attack force and they were doing a fighting retreat back to the base. However they have noone back on defense, but all of your team is now defending. That is a perfect time to (Not set up an ambush at the enemy base and wait for the the flag carrier, (unless the sniper is working in a 2 man cell, but still a weak idea) But prehaps snag the flag (without killing thier defece unless one is an officer, A true sniper can stalk in grab the flag and get out unseen) and and sneak back (asking your team via comms what side is not getting attacked the stronged. Then sneak to a weak side flank thier attacking force from an angle( while coordinating with your teams defense) in attempts to weakin one side and sneak in for the win.

Snipers should not have 40 kills in a match, or be lone wolfs. Those are "Rambo's"

I can give so many other types of examples, but I am late for work and I am sure many will not agree with me.

Staying Stealthed,
Gathering Intel,
Having the brains when Not to snoot and let them pass and wait for them to run into your own force and from there flank their rear, or even radio your team and let them know so they can bunker down or ambush them,
Being able to get in close enough to an enemy base to make that FOR SURE no mistakes due to movement or wind of brush shot to an officer without being seen.
Teamwork and Support, always be on Comms with the main team.
Working in at least a 2 man cell
(home made from scratch Ghillies lol)
These things are a true sniper
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