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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
Auburn, LSU, Florida, maybe Tennessee and Georgia, though I am not sure about the last two, does not have a rich tradition

Every LSU fan that sat around me at the game expected Saban back, and a lot of the signs that I read asked Saban to come back. Do no deny the truth.

Again, if Saban was in it for the money he would have stayed at Miami for he was being paid ALOT more there.
He was probably not going to last very much longer in Miami because they were doing horridly.

O and to your LSU not having tradition statement I laugh in your face quite hard over and over and over. If you have ever and I mean ever gone to Death Valley and seen the opening video on the big screens you would realize we have a very rich football tradition. I will be the first to admit LSU is a football school. We won our first national championship in 1958 and your gonna sit there and tell me LSU doesnt have a rich tradition. Our program goes back to the late 1800's, and I'll have you know the first meeting between LSU and Bama was won by LSU in 1895! So please tell me again we dont have a rich tradition in football. (source for 1895 info: )

O and its a safe assumption that LSU is playing Florida during the regular season since they have kinda played every year since 1971.

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