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Originally Posted by BigTarget04 View Post
I'm pretty sure this article from Wikipedia sums it up best:

I'm pretty sure that final rankings do count for something and as you can see looks like our not so traditionally good team has appeared in quite a number of them at a descently high rank at that.

2 National Championships, 9 SEC Championships, and an overall bowl record of 19-18-1.

Overall in the regular season since 1945 we are 413-226-23.

Anymore numbers I need to present to show we have a pretty rich tradition in college football?

And yes Bama does have a great past and one of the best programs historically in the nation. Guess what though it don’t mean squat for this season

And if we are not "up to speed" why did we beat two of those three schools you have listed last season?
HAHAHAHA, it seems that when you do not have something you will accept almost anything to make it look like you are better then you are.

I am sorry, but making the top 25 list means nothing. In case you did not notice, LSU falls behind Auburn, FSU, Miami, Arkansas, etc... in many of the categories and I would not call those rich tradition programs.

Please try again.


Don't make assumptions, because you know what they do.

Even if I said I was the ultimate football fan, which I did not, when did knowing all the schedules of all the teams in your league become a part of being the ultimate fan.
You fight an enemy according to their weaknesses, not according to your strengths.

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