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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
HAHAHAHA, it seems that when you do not have something you will accept almost anything to make it look like you are better then you are.

I am sorry, but making the top 25 list means nothing. In case you did not notice, LSU falls behind Auburn, FSU, Miami, Arkansas, etc... in many of the categories and I would not call those rich tradition programs.

Please try again.


Don't make assumptions, because you know what they do.

Even if I said I was the ultimate football fan, which I did not, when did knowing all the schedules of all the teams in your league become a part of being the ultimate fan.

FSU 2 titles, not to mention Bobby Bowden is a legend in college football, Miami 5 titles. These are all programs that have had very good sucess in the past. Sure they may not stack up to your great and glorious Crimson tide but face it we are talking about the present now and teams that have, in the past few years done well. I dont know how many people need to come in here and chime in about tradition not meaning anything for the topic of this upcoming season, and you continue to go back to "tradition" as to warrant who is a better team or not. Guess thats what you have to do coming off a season like your guys did last year.

And about the AP rankings meaning nothing they kinda help determine who plays for the title and who in the end is eventually awarded said title. So yeah seems like its kind of a big deal to me.

I'm also well aware of Bama's 10-2 record in 2005 and I'm also well aware of who ended your hopes of a national title bid/undefeated season that year....drum roll please.............LSU.

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