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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
When does having 2 national championships make you a program with rich tradition. Since when does having one coach make you a program with rich tradition? FSU was a nobody until Bowden brought the program to its present status. They have had good luck and have been successful in the last quarter of a century, but that does not make you rich in tradition.

HAHA, you actually thought we had a chance to get a national championship in 2005. I am sorry, but even if we went undefeated, we would have never made it to the championship game.


And who was this?
Well you did say quarter of a century and last time I checked 25 years is a pretty long run for doing well. But again I guess we are only juding traditon by the entirety of the last century.

And you are pretty correct in being undefeated and not going to the championship game since thats exactly what happened to auburn when choke-la-homa played SC for that game.

And pantzaroff16 who in the heck are you talking about?

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