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The Dutch guy
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Location: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
Body and Color: Red Fonda Magic body (Think they only made 1 model?)
Front and back block:N/A
Frame: Stock Fonda Magic frame (No aftermarket will fit)
Ram (qevs if any): N/A
Pump arm: WWA (they're all the same)
Pump Kit: Modified WWA Budget kit
Bolt and pin: Stock
Valve: Stock
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Stock, madman spring kit.
Ball Detent: Stock
Cocking Rod: Stock
Beavertail: N/A
Feedneck: Stock powerfeed or CCI stickfeed
Regulator: N/A
Barrel: Depends on my paint
Hopper: 50rd hopper or CCI stickfeed
Air Tank: 3.5oz CO2
Stock: Some custom colapsable T-stock
Consistency: Not tested yet
Efficiency: Not tested yet
Amount of paint through the gun: No idea
Date Received: Don't remember
Problems?: Many screws are metric threaded, which is causing some problems.
Comments: I still have to put it together... Waiting for my custom pump kit to finish.
What are you looking at?!
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