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Body and Color: WGP 2003 Matte Black Summer Edition VF Autococker
Front and back block: Stock
Frame: Hinge
LPR: None
Ram (qevs if any): Kapp FAT RAM
Pump arm: Stock
Bolt and pin: Orrace Bolt / Stock Pin
Valve: Stock
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Stock
Ball Detent: Stock
Cocking Rod: Stock
Beavertail: Stock
Feedneck: Stock
Regulator: Evil Detonator
Barrel: Stock / Dye UltraLight
Hopper: Egg II
Air Tank: -
Consistency: Very Good
Efficiency: Very Good
Amount of paint through the gun: 6-8 Cases
Date Received: April 22, 2007
Problems?: I had to replace the stock reg to make the gun more consistent.
Comments: Very Fast, Great Gun! I have this set up with a sight, stock, and camo Pneumatic cover. It's my scenario marker.
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