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Don Howard
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Ripped off by Punisher's Customs

I am one of the people in his now infamous CrowdBuster build. I paid in full for my CB 3+yrs ago. And long before I started being vocal on message boards about it, Lee Kinney had chosen to ignore my attempts to get an honest status of this project.

His continued and deliberate refusal to communicate with me has led me to conclude that he never intended to complete this work and that it was all a scam. Probably his most elaborate to date by the sheer size of it.

I know that Lee has 1) a computer, 1) internet access, 3) time to email people - because others have been getting emails from him. I know that my spam filter is not going to block his emails. And I know that he frequents many of the same boards I do, where he could send me a PM. I have sent him emails and PM's - and they have gone unanswered.

The whole long saga has been one of him only updating people when someone hassled him a bit. And then we would get a sob story about how he has no money/time/etc, is having to work multiple jobs to support his shop, is eating ramen, has no personal life, etc. These were often effective in getting many to feel sorry for him. When he grew tired of some folks being more insistent (RamboPreacher comes to mind) he had the wonderful fortune to have his whole message board *whoops* go away. How incredibly convenient! And he long ago lapsed back into silence when I tried to get an update on this long suffering project.

I was in the group of customers who were silently waiting for a long time. I actually did feel sorry for the guy at one point, and was hoping that all he needed was some more time and all would be right. I feel duped, because as been shown by others he has had time and money to pursue other projects - like the race motor he just built for his car. That motor was not some duct tape and spit junkyard rebuild to get some ramen eating guy back on the road. He spent a lot of money and time on it - money and time he has long been claiming he doesn't have.

Others have paypal him money for postage (because he always claims he has none whatsoever) - and then had to go after him through paypal when he then chose to take their money and go back to his business as usual of doing nothing.

His run and hide actions, his refusal to deal honestly and fairly with people, his deliberately vindictive actions towards his customers, they all add up to him being a thief.

Lee - as I have stated elsewhere, I want either my product or a refund. It is that simple.
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