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On a side note, I used the information on his website to contact his administrative contact, Michael Guslick. His email address is:

However, since contacting him he refused to give me Lee's phone number, I said I would report the website for invalid Whois information to ICANN. At this point, Lee emailed me asking me who I was. I told him, "They call me the punisher."

Michael then emailed me back and told me that he was going to be "nice" and forward my message to Lee, but since I was such a dick about it (I mean, I really was), he wasn't going to. Funny part is, if he didn't forward my email to Lee, why would Lee be emailing me in the first place? And, why would he do so and ask why I am "harassing" Michael?

Now if you run a Whois query on Lee's website, he's had it moved to a privacy service so he can't have any of his information posted. I believe Michael is still the website admin, so feel free to flood him with emails, especially since that appears to be his work email.

No, I've never dealt with Lee or even sent him any markers, or even seen his website until a few weeks ago - but I did this to help people who are caught in this conundrum with him. What else can I say? Spread the word.
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