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There are only 20 crowdbusters in the build.

It is easy to feel sorry for him with his family being threatened . . . but it is also a good example of how his lack of communication hurts him. On other boards I have been attacked pretty vigorously because Lee finally posts and tells that story - so in a fine ex post facto fashion I became the bad guy for spending the previous few days attacking him.

sorry - I am not the bad guy. I didn't know about it, and it was his lack of communication that had me going after him. If he had been making an effort, people would have known about it and his other issues, and he wouldn't get flamed so much. I am not condoning the jacktard threatening his family - but I am also not gonna be a convenient scapegoat for his fanboys either.

I have considered legal actions. Just as he has. I still hope he does the right thing. And he did finally send me an email yesterday. It simply said:

Coming as soon as possible.
I have asked him for more info - he has not responded yet. It is progress, but it also make Lee sound like an AIMbot
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