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Did he ever give a deadline back when this started? He makes it sound like everyone knew it would take many years. (more than 3)

Exactly when did he stop communicating with you?

How did you pay? Postal money order?

At what point did he stop being "friendly"?

Have you noticed work being completed that came in later than your work? Links?

Is there a list of Crowd buster customers somewhere? Has anyone considered making a list on a forum somewhere where each CB customer lists name, date of deposit and size of deposit?

I note he made a recent statement-

I saw there was another nifty thread here recently as well as a couple guys who chose to follow me to the ONE place on the .net I go when time allows.

Seems these two fellows have issue with a motor I built for my car. Not that I owe anyone an explanation but what the fu4k...right?

I've had this car for close to three years. It's a cheap little Dodge Neon, kinda fun to drive. Being a tinker by nature and unable to leave anything alone I immediately started digging up bits and pieces for it. I'm a pretty good bargain hunter when it comes to stuff for a car of motorcycle and I amassed over time a nice collection of parts, none of which have been purchased in a year. All were scrounged up used of off ebay. I've had them sitting around waiting for the day I'd get to/have to rebuild the engine. Well, that time came unexpectedly and I did so, utilizing the parts I've had sitting on the shelf for a couple years. I enjoy building stuff like this and documented the process for the hell of it on the owners group.
Truth be told, my dad loaned me the money for the rebuild machining and engine kit so I'm still money down on it.

It's not a top fuel dragster, it's not an SCCA track car. It's a cheap little dodge neon that i happen to enjoy. That however is NOT allowed apparently since it indicates an existence outside the world of paintball. Well kids, that's a tough one.

I'm still working a 'day job', the second one didn't work out so after next week I'm back to only one 50 hour a week job. That's ok, it'll give me more time in the shop to get your precious toys done. I really do want to, it's important to me to do so for a few reasons but I'll not go into anything other than I'm sick of paintball. I'm sick of trying to make people happy and never being able to do so. I'm absolutely guilty of taking on too much, I freely admit it. I tried to make a living building toys for rich kids who want to haggle to walmsrt prices and can't possibly wait for the project once it's under way. I'm tired of it. I'm done, I'll build no more custom guns for anyone other than myself or a friend.

I hate this but here's the deal. If you can't wait and feel the need to drag this mess into other forums that have nothing to do with paintball, track my family members down, show up at the shop (I don't do tours) or anything else even remotely intrusive I will be forced by your actions and my own lack of funds to file bankruptcy and I'll wash my hands of the whole thing. End of story. At this point I don't care what you think of me, it has no bearing what so ever. If just one guy pops up somewhere they don't belong then I'm done.

This isn't a threat, this is a promise.

It's not what I want to do but if this goes any farther I will. I have the papers filled out and filed here at the office. All I need to do is add a signature and turn them in. Please don't make me do this but understand that I've got people here in the real world that depend on me and I'll not let things get so far out of hand that someone who matters to me has a problem because of this.

I'm still working on your guns, every day even if it's only a few hours between day jobs. Soon I'll have more time to do so. I'm asking everyone to be patient so I can get this done with. Please let me make good on these projects, it's what I really want to do.

I've pleaded for patience to no effect. I've become a grouchy ******* when I used to be a pretty nice guy. Being a nice guy got me overloaded. I'm done asking. I've been threatened, slandered, called a thief and far worse. One individual damned me to hell for not being done yet.'s your go!

For the last time, I'm sorry and I'm doing my best. Please allow me the time needed to get finished.

Has he recently or in the past indicated a timeline? any particular year that he may be finished?

Don't you know a little bit about Dodge Neons? Isn't the work he has done and the parts he has bought been excessive from your point of view as a former Neon enthusiast? I mean far and beyond a commuter right?

If you had monthly progress reports describing what he is doing on your work, would that be enough to buy the time he needs to finish up?

Do you feel that you are being ignored when others who have much less at stake are getting mail? If so, do you believe it's because you paid in full and he has no future payoff to actually do your work or even stay in touch with you?

Lastly, how likely are you to have your opinions changed about your transaction with Lee by people who have nothing invested except of love and admiration for the airsmith of the gods? Can people who have nothing invested in or with Punisher's customs do anything to repair his image with you? Do you have an ounce of sympathy left at this point for the plight of someone who cannot meet obligations?
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