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On March 22, 2004 - Lee stated the original completion date as June 15th of 2004. That date has since been abandoned and revised At present no completion date is being stated by Lee.

His communication has always been sparse. I have moved twice since I paid for the crowdbuster. In the second instance I sent him multiple emails, which he never replied to, about my new address. I had to track him down on message boards to notify him of that move. I have never been a pest - just occasional emails or PM's or posts - often months apart.

I paid by check.

He has taken on and completed other projects since the beginning of the CB build. I do not think that is indicative of him deliberately ignoring the CB project. Does it show poor planning? Yes, and to his credit he has admitted as much.

I would say he stopped being "friendly" when he stopped responding to polite requests for the status of the project. Simply put, it is rude behavior on the personal level, and unprofessional on the business level.

I do not have a list of crowdbuster customers.

His recent outburst shows his contempt for his customers. He ignores people, is shocked when they get angry, and then plays the martyr. He has been roundly criticized for his lack of communication for some years now. If he had ever purchased a clue and started making a real effort to keep people updated, he wouldn't be in as deep of a mess as he is in right now.

The only timeline in regards to the CB's has been "as soon as possible." This has been the case for a couple years now. He will not give a date of completion, nor will he state reasons for the delay beyond the usual "I have no time/money/etc." statements of his.

Yes, I do know a bit about Neons. If people desire, I can produce bona fides to that. Suffice to say I have been published when it comes to ringing performance out of them. His rebuild is not of the "oh crap I gotta keep my commute running" variety. And a lot of people have missed the point in it being brought up. It flies in the face of his constant refrain of having no money/time/etc. Some have suggested that it was his money, not ours (his customers) that he spent. Well - he made his money off his customers. He has taken money from a lot of people, and not followed through with either product or services.

Yes, if Lee could manage to provide timely updates - and show actual progress and evidence of effort - that would certainly suffice. A single, terse email is no evidence of him being serious.

I believe I was ignored at first because I had been patient by and large. Now it is because I have of course made his famous sh!t list.

I have formed some opinions of those who have waded in to defend him. I do not try to fathom other peoples motivations. It is clear that to a vocal group any complaint against Lee is automatically and solely a personal attack on him. He will always be the selfless victim in their eyes. I know I have said some spiteful things in response to them. The only person who can repair Lee's image is Lee.

I am about out of sympathy - I am glad you brought it up. Many have quietly expressed support and sympathy for the plight the I am in with so many others in regards to Lee. Some have shown none at all towards those who do feel ripped off by Lee, and have preferred to simply be vindictive. I do still have some sympathy for Lee - and while many of the drooling fanboys will never believe it, my sincerest hope is that he does stop digging a deeper hole and climbs out of the mess he is in. I want the best outcome for everyone - which would be for Lee to fulfill the obligations he has.
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