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Feel is a matter of personal opinion and one persons like for the marker. Some people like 07 Egos where as I can't stand the feel of them, despite them being very popular. Unless somebody has a legitimate complaint like a gauge is in the way or something is angled funny, I usually brush it off.
Loudness compared to a shocker is really just laughable. A shocker is a spool valve a Legend is a fasor designed ram/poppet. All ram/poppet markers are going to be louder then spools by design. I shoot a Ripper 1 timmy that sounds like a beast on the field and I could care less about the marker being quiet honestly. In speedball quietness is the last thing on peoples minds usually, it's kick you need to worry about. And the legend doesn't have all that much.
As far as being light, shockers have always been light. Legends are milled and designed differently so they may be heavier by a tiny bit. In this day and age weight is negligible honestly and people think it's the biggest thing to have the single lightest set up. I used to shoot an unmilled 03 Viking and that thing was easily three pounds or more and I still rained down some pain with it. If it weighs more then a shocker big deal, if you can wield it like a pro then there's nothing to worry about.
He was feeding you a bunch of personal preference and playing it off as knowledge from the sound of it.
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