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Very Impressive Ebon.

I especially like that fro the most part you stayed in the realm of the generic principles vrs brand specifics. Reduces fanboy flaming and teaches concepts.
You can probably even strip out the tippmann and DM refs with just method of fireing referances and a link to a thread that explains (i know there must be a sticky somewhere on this system) blowback, FASOR, Spool, poppet, ect .

I think it might have been a little wandering in the part about the plane, but really a spot on job otherwise.

I would reccomend a subsection on barrels to talk about the difference between regular barrels, backspin inducing barrels and maybe the effect that the palmers eliptical honing is supposed to have and any other white elephant instances you can think of.

Also maybe a basic description of mass and how that will effect kick.
You were definately on track talking about things like bolt weight.

Tippies are great examples. An A-5 stripped down to its basics with an egrip has a noticable kick.
But something like an BT Iron horse, or a heavy milsim modded A-5 (one of thos 15-20 LBers) has little to no noticable kick.

One other minor item I find that effects accruacy is trigger pull. Mechblowbacks like tippies have a hard stock pull vrs say a mini with an HES trigger.
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