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Originally Posted by edudcixlsyd View Post
Now I know I might get some people upset for writing this but it's important for people to know the different ways of cheating how to identify it.

[size=4]***I do not in any way promote that you use this thread to cheat, this is merely an informative guide. Cheating makes you look like a noob and no one will like you!

Playing on:
Playing is the most common way of cheating. Whether you know if you've been hit or not, playing on will usually result in a penalty. Spinning is the way of playing on I see the most. A guy goes to bunker some one and then the bunkered player turns around and shoots at the other player. Next is just continuing to play after you've been hit, I cannot stress this enough with my team, if you've been hit, GO OUT the consequences for you playing on are worse than if you went out. The only time I think playing on is "alright" is when you're shooting off the break, if you get hit running&gunning to a corner, I say keep shooting and then when you get to your bunker go out.
The "one last shot" cheating falls in here and it always frsts me when it happens.

Player A gets shot by Player B and turns and shoots Player B.
It happens sometimes out of a reflex reaction sometimes, but I still find it to be avoidable if players just keep a cool head and stop fireing when they get hit.

I know it is an ego hit, but if you get hit take it and try and get that player next game.
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