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Originally Posted by GrimAssasin View Post
or me. yea, one of the mods told me they'll expire after a while, and i asked why it said never and got no response. but mjr, there aren't any new mods coming in...are there?
Well, there is at least one new one now that Andrew is gone.

I would expect to see more new mods as pbr has changed hands.
Any entity that says that no staffing changes will happen when they take over something is just plain lying in my experience.

And side note, the mod that gave me my last infraction; I had never heard of before in any way.
Which gets back to my general unease that different mods have different criteria for infractions. I know I have seen FAR worse in some threads.
I even wrote him/her a short pm to apologize if I had been out of line, but never heard back, so I get left with the feeling that this was a mod who doesn't really participate much anymore and just does fly by infractions and bannings every once and a while.
Probably not true, but it is still the feeling one gets left with.

And lopez, I fully appreciate what the past practices have been. I did not want to imply that actual bannings had taken place, just that a non expiring infraction seems overly draconian.
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