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another punisher customer waiting....

I was one of the last people to send in a custom marker order to was a merlin body to be milled for a am diadim frame.i sent lee a check for 290.00 withthe parts and then another 100.00 money order.before lee web page went poof around dec of last year i posted in sept an update on how the project was going.I got no resonce from lee i waited intill april of this month and try to email lee from 4 diffrent email accounts and was able to get lee to reply on my work the time in april the work was almost done.I send lee an email back on what were to final cost for the body and anno job. as of today lee has not sent any emails back.he did reply once on the tinkes guild that it would be shipped out soon. the problem that most users like myself is lack of return emails. i can wait for a custom job as long as i know that he trying to finish it.if he could not then he should have sent it back.
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