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Originally Posted by eh,y not View Post
i was talking to some really skilled and experienced dude who owned everything from a pump gun to the 07 octane shocker , and he actually said that besides speed, the legend isnt too good because it does not feel at all good(he described it as akward) in your hand and it also is definatly not the lightest gun and the shocker is lighter, plus its really loud. should i believe what im hearing? i kinda dont want to but he really knows his stuff...

(it might be personal preference though...)

hes pretty much correct, except he exaggerated everything.

and tabris, sound actually does matter, your opponents have a faster reaction time if you have a louder gun. like if your opponents weren't facing you, and you start shooting him outta no where, he will definitely hear it and duck down. with a shocker, sometimes they don't even hear it at all and get shot out. at least that is how it was for me from when I had my 05 ego, and then now my nxt shocker. not on every single occasion but it definitely happens.

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