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Thing is, that if you are discussing the merits of Gun B in Gun A's forum (for instance, talking about Egos here in the Dye forum), then any information regarding Gun B is by definition off topic. Using the stated example, the Dye forum is not the place to be talking about Egos.

The next thing to consider is what kind of response you are going to get. Sticking with the example again, if you post the thread in the Dye forum, people will tend to support the Dye marker. After all, most people in this forum are either Dye owners or at the least Dye fans. Marker A gets all the votes, and Marker B doesn't get fairly represented. Post in the Eclipse forum and most people will vote for the Ego. So what have you learned? Dye fans will vote for the DM, PM or PMR, Eclipse fans will vote for an Ego or Etek. OK, you could post in both forums, but to limit bandwidth, we would prefer you to only post the same thread in one location. Would you actually learn anything from the number of votes cast in each forum anyway? No. It would just indicate that one forum had more regular visitors than the other - it wouldn't tell you anything about the marker as such.

One last thing to consider is that by starting these threads, you could be inviting members of the other forum to come in here and spam/flame etc. or even if they made posts with a point to them, they might in turn be flamed by the people in this forum. Not good.

The answer? Post your thread in the High-end Electronic Marker. It's a location where both markers can be legitimately discussed without prejudice and with equal relevance. Having said that, you still have the problem that support will be dependent on numbers rather than on merit. Best solution is to try both markers out for yourself and make your own mind up.
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