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I don't think it's unreasonable if I join the bandwagon here. I've had a project pending for three years as well, nothing too too pricey, around 200 - 250 bucks if I remember. I understand one can be upset after the alleged threat on family, that is not tolerable by any stretch of the imagination. However, it's also ridiculous to nearly threaten the customer.

"If just one guy pops up somewhere they don't belong then I'm done.

This isn't a threat, this is a promise."

This bothers me.

"I've pleaded for patience to no effect. I've become a grouchy ******* when I used to be a pretty nice guy. Being a nice guy got me overloaded. I'm done asking. I've been threatened, slandered, called a thief and far worse. One individual damned me to hell for not being done yet.'s your go!"

Personally over a three year period I have not asked for an update a SINGLE TIME, via E-Mail or post. I am reassured a bit by the second "explanatory" post, but still, I think I have treated Punisher very fairly and hope that the new "shop blog" will be able to answer everyone's questions.
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