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Post Cheapest Paintballs Online

Okay, I recently conducted a survey of approximately 15-20 of the most popular online paintball suppliers and their prices for paint. I did the work, you reap the benefits!!!

First, the disclaimer: I do not work for any of these companies nor do I have any relationship with any of these sites. Most of these sites I have never used. These prices are "pictures of the day"...which means they are subject to change without my knowledge.

A) These prices are not for "skids" or "pallet loads" of paint. If you get paint by the skid, good for can probably get a better price that way...but it's not practical for most consumers.
B ) I'm sure if you've convinced some website somewhere that you deserve their sponsorship (in other words, you filled out a form), they probably give you a little better deal...good for you...but it doesn't help most of us consumers out there that aren't on your team. This also applies to being sponsored by "paint companies."
C) If your uncle owns a local store and gives you paint at cost because you're his favorite nephew....good for you....but it doesn't help the rest of us non-nephews.
D) I've tried not to use "white box/seconds" paint...because this paint can really vary in quality from source to source. At the same time, there were instances where it was necessary to include that paint because the difference between some low end paints, white box, and house paint is sometimes very little.
E) If all you shoot is marbalizers, evil, or empire paint because you're all bad like that....good for you...this list isn't going to help you.

F) These prices are shipped to Michigan. You can expect a difference of around 0.5 cents/ball to 1 cent/ball based on shipping differences, i.e. places that are closer to you charge you less to ship than places that are further away. That is why you should use this list as a "guide", not a firm set of prices. No matter where you live, I think the list is a good guide, a good representation of sites where paint is cheap and different kinds of orders where you get the best deals.

Price Listings are "cents per ball" and are listed from 10th best to best.
10. 1.74 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of Nelson Precision or Zap Tork
9. 1.72 cents/ball: Action Village: 2 cases of PMI Stingers + 1500 rounds house paint
8. 1.70 cents/ball: 3 cases of RPS Stingers + 500 rounds of house paint (NEW 7/06)
7. 1.70 cents/ball: Action Village: 2 cases of Diablo Midnight + 1 case of seconds
6. 1.6787 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of Zap Spank
5. 1.662 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of paint (Mix and Match Draxxus Rainbow, Nelson Affordaball, Severe Atmosphere, or WGP White Box)
4. 1.65 cents/ball: Action Village: 2 cases of PMI Stingers + 1 case of seconds
3. 1.64 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of Zap Revolt
2. 1.59 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of Zap Low Ball
1. 1.537 cents/ball: Firstcall Paintball/Skanline: 4 cases of Draxxus Rainbow or Nelson Affordaballs or Severe Atmosphere or WGP White Box.

These are pretty good prices. If I were to go to the local discount sporting goods store, I would pay 1.59 cents/ball for the cheapest paint they have (1 case) if it's on sale. Most of the time I would pay 1.91-2.12 cents per ball for a case of paint at those stores, same quality of paint except I've actually found that it's older and in worse condition.

You'll notice that only two sites are listed, Firstcall Paintball (also known as Skanline) and Action Village. What makes them more affordable is the free shipping when you buy a certain amount of paint and that "certain amount" is reasonable. At firstcall, all you have to do is get 4 cases...that simple. At Action Village, you only need to spend $70. assassinspaintball has been added as of July 2006...found a good deal on Stingers there.

You only want to buy one case? Maybe it's the end of the season and you don't want paint laying around all winter? Here are the best prices I found on just 1 case of paintballs:
10) 2.18 cents/ball: WGP practice paint
9) 2.18 cents/ball: Draxxus Midnight*
8) 2.18 cents/ball: Draxxus Competitive Edge
7) 2.153 cents/ball: Paintball Gear USA: Draxxus Rainbow
6) 2.153 cents/ball: Paintball Gear USA: Worr Practice Paintballs
5) 2.10 cents/ball: White Box practice paint
4) 2.0 cents/ball: Draxxus Blitz
3) 1.99 cents/ball: Zap Spank
2) 1.947 cents/ball: Zap Spank
1) 1.785 cents/ball: Draxxus Midnight*

I added Paintball Gear USA to the list, I don't like their $3 handling charge, but they got some cheap prices on their cheaper paint. (8-6-06)

* There are 2 different prices for this because they are running a special where you get 4 140 round pods free with the order of Draxxus Midnight. If you take into account the values of those tubes, you get a better price per ball.
Now, lets look at the worst sites I found (3rd worst to worst):
3) II Sports- 3 cents/ball for Nelson Nelsplat. This is much higher than many other sites and the shipping charges were tremendous.
2) Again, cheap brands like Core and Nelsplat at 3 cents/ball, also much higher than other sites and again the shipping charges were very high.
1) I was excited about this site because it's actually a nice website. However, not only is free shipping not available on paintballs but they tack on a $8 handling charge to each order.

One site I was not able to assess was Paintball Gateway. For some reason the website wasn't working properly and you couldn't add paint to your cart. I tried to e-mail them about the problem and they never got back to customer service is questionable in my opinion.

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if there are any sites you know of that would be competitive with these sites (the good ones) in price. But please do not list sites that are running temporary specials or are selling seconds only (at a good price) or any site where you need to order more than 4 cases to get free shipping.
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