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The arguments you have with your family and friends may seem valid at the time. But in the end they are not worth anything. You can loose someone in the blink of an eye. Don't take them for granted. I tell my family and friends that I love them all the time. I don't feel any less of a man for doing so.
Words of wisdom man. I never even considered this until I lost my mom, and now I think about this exact thing all the time. Everyone who hasn't gone through this kind of experience yet, take this to heart, the man knows what he's talking about.

congrats on the 100% donor cells! way big accomplishment, I hope everything continues to go well. Flamethrower > cancer! grrr I still havent seen Transformers, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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You are smart.
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<-- legend. like a mod, but without powers or motivation.
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