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Business Name: Orlando Paintball

Location: North Orlando

Telephone Number: (407)-294-0694


Registration Fee: $10 on a normal night...$20 on Tuesday nights (8-midnight) in which they have bring your own paint.

Rental Equiptment Fee: Around $20

Fill Stations: I think they fill all kinds.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Not sure, I used my own.

Styles of Play Available: Hyperball, Speedball, and an L shaped warehouse w/ 2 big rooms. In the warehouse they play many different mini-scenario type games, and outside on the Hyperball and Speedball fields they do the flag games and a game w/ "god bars": 2x4's.

Comments/Conculsions: It was great... I had a lot of fun, and the teams were divided evenly. The newbie/rental group had their own games going while the guys w/ their own stuff played. At one point we had around 12-14 people playing. Nobody complained and everybody was trustworthy to whether they got shot. The refs didn't even have to come onto the field. Those guys run that field great, and if I wasn't from Wisconsin, I'd play there more often.
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