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Body and Color: '04 FreeFlow Lotus, Black/Yellow Acid Wash
Front and back block: FF
Frame: FF (Eclipse)
LPR: Palmers Micro Rock
Ram: FF
Pump arm: FF Stainless Steel (Black Coated)
Bolt and pin: FF Delrin Bolt & Pin
Valve: FF
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Maddman Green Valve/Hammer Springs, FF IVG
Ball Detent: WGP Stainless Steel
Cocking Rod: KAPP Twisted
Beavertail: FF
Feedneck: WGP Clamping
Regulator: CP Shorty
Barrel: 12" JT Aluminum 2-piece .686, .688, .690
Hopper: Vlocity Jr. w/ NOX
Air Tank: NitroDuck X-Stream 68/4500
Consistency: 3 fps
Efficiency: 1700+ shots @ 300psi, 285fps
Amount of paint through the gun: 5000+
Date Received: 7/21/2007
Problems?: None.
Comments: This marker is just spectacular in every aspect of looks and performance, you can't go wrong with a FF.

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