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I have found a great sniping website that ithink not only snipers should look at.

Its wicked ausome!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Ravenous26 View Post
I have always wanted to post this, but Haven't because these threads always always get closed, but being in the Military and having a few Real life sniper friends, A ex-USMC Sniper is sitting next to me as I type this. So let me say this

SNIPERS are not all about one shot one kill, while it is important, that does NOT make a sniper.

Real Snipers first and formost are to blend into there surronding and RECON. Paitence and Concealment to gather information and feed that information to the Commanders. Inturn commanders won't lead their force into a suicide mission and end up having the upper hand by knowing the enemies movements. Snipers are Scouts always first and formost.

Take real life for instance, working with law enforcement now that I am out of the Army. Swat Snipers never ever take shots unless Crap is hitting the Fan. They gather information and feed it to the rest of the team and provide cover from a concealed place.

These things being said can all be held true in paintball. And while taking the long shot is essential for the real life sniper, that is not the case in paintball as we all know. However IF those other prior things are taken into consideration. The need to gather intel and communicate that back, Stay hidden and be patinet. Be smart enough to know when NOT to pull the trigger, TO set up an ambush and exicute and repostion to cause chaos if needed, or to be able to get behind an ememy base and take the for sure end all shots to an officer and be able to get out of there, keeping in mind that even in real life situations the closer the shot the better. That my friends is a true and blue sniper.

Anyone can sit in camo and wait and shoot from a concealed location. They are called Hunters. Ever go Duck or Goose hunting?
Sure you can shoot far or always hit persons in the googles, then you are a marksman.
If you are a lonewolf, you are NOT a sniper. True snipers should work in "2" man cells, but they should be always Linked to a bigger force leading the way or moving to help "Flank" from a concealed location when their force meets resistance.
SNIPING IS NOT ABOUT KILLS or taking out a whole squad, That my friends is a "Rambo"
. You must be a team player, keyword on a team. They must be strategic, stealthy and communicate, know how to follow orders and when to and NOT to pull a trigger.

I will be glad to give examples on that if you want.
I agree to that!

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