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It's more efficient than most spool valve markers, right out of the box. Even more so with the "Gold Member" after market bolt.

Has a nice, smooth roller bearing trigger as standard, with magnetic return, and includes a large trigger guard.

It has an LPR (something that a Shocker lacks).

Much cheaper than a DM.

Comes with a grip frame that can be mounted in two positions on the marker to suit your taste.

Two-piece barrel.

Built in snatch grip as standard.

Stock clamping feed neck (with lever clamping module available to add to the stock neck).

OK, nothing that I have said is revolutionary, and other than the good efficiency, nothing really stands out as being spectacular, but equally, there's nothing that stands out as being bad. It's a good, solid, quality marker all round, with no bad points to highlight it's good points. Add it's lack of bad points to it's high efficiency and a trigger that some people rave about, and you have a marker that justifies it's cost.

If I needed another marker (and I really don't), and I didn't have the $1200+ for an Ego7, DM7 etc. then the Quest would be towards the top of a very short list of markers that I would happily take in their place.
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