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Ah yes. Snipers are the people that locate the enemy so we can blow them up with the mortars. My best shot was dead center of a target using iron sights at 600 yards with an m4.
Whereas in a rifle you must relax all your muscles by getting in a good supported position, steady breathing, and trigger squeeze; paintball you just utilize adrenaline point and shoot. I don't think you have to worry too much about what must be done to steady aim because there is almost no recoil effecting the trajectory of the paintball, the trigger is just like clicking a mouse, and the marker is much lighter than a rifle (with the exception of milsim markers).It's harder to hide a milsim marker if you are going to go through the trouble of finding a spot that is highly traveled. And the most highly traveled place is at the 50.

Suppose you do use all those methods, the paintball will still be as accurate not using them because the paintball only goes 150 feet. You can't use a sight because you wll be pointing your marker straight up in the air at that distance. Most people trying to be a sniper in paintball never shot a rifle or don't understand the concept of how snipers shoot thier rifles in war. Not how snipers snipe. The methods of shooting a rifle and shooting a paintball marker are totally different. I wouldn't want to use sniper methods for shooting a marker because it takes way too much time in a sport where a few seconds can make a big difference. If you get somewhere in combat arms, maybe you'll understand the concepts a little better.

Until then there will always be the "Oh wait, I hide alot from the action so I must be a sniper!" And the, "Snipers lie and wait just like me in paintball so I am the ultimate super l33t sniper assassin."

A friend I had one say told me to stop chasing my opponent through the woods, took up this sloppy position, and nailed the guy in the back of the head with his phantom pointing straight up in the air John Wayne style.
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